Most recently updated packages

packagelanguagelast version releaseddescription
@things-factory/operato-pmsJavascript4 hours agoApplication for plantation management system
glfw-raubJavascript4 hours agoGLFW for Node.js
iobroker.device-watcherJavascript4 hours agoWatchdog for devices
@operato/appJavascript4 hours agoWebApplication production supporting components following open-wc recommendations
lusid-sdk-previewPython5 hours agoPython Preview SDK for LUSID API
fnbotPython7 hours agofnbot
zaber-motion-bindings-linuxPython14 hours agoLinux bindings for Zaber Motion Library
zxkane-cdk-construct-simple-natPython15 hours agoA CDK construct to build Simple NAT instance on AWS.
@graphql-mesh/plugin-response-cacheJavascript16 hours ago
zpy-api-corePython21 hours agoHelper layer for apis development with Aws, Python and Flask
zippPython21 hours agoBackport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files
zswagPython21 hours agoOpenAPI service transport layer for zserio.
@graphql-mesh/transform-renameJavascripta day ago
@graphql-mesh/plugin-mockJavascripta day ago
@graphql-mesh/odataJavascripta day ago
@graphql-mesh/cache-redisJavascripta day ago
@graphql-mesh/configJavascripta day ago
zenroomPython17 days agoZenroom for Python: Bindings of Zenroom library for Python.
wpilibPython8 months agoBinary wrapper for FRC WPILib
zope-untrustedpythonPython10 years agoZope Untrusted Python Library