Most recently updated packages

packagelanguagelast version releaseddescription
ybyPython32 minutes agoyanbingyang personal packages
ybconfigPython38 minutes agoBasic configuration management for YB
rcpchgrowthPython41 minutes agoSDS and Centile calculations for UK Growth Data
tmeasuresPythonan hour agoInvariance, Same-Equivariance and other measures for Neural Networks. Support for PyTorch (now) and TensorFlow (coming).
typocPythonan hour agoA PLY-based compiler for Typo implemented in Python.
spid-cie-oidcPythonan hour agoSPID/CIE OIDC Federation Entity
tiledbscPythonan hour agoPython API for efficient storage and retrieval of single-cell data using TileDB
types-chardetPythonan hour agoTyping stubs for chardet
urlfilePythonan hour agoLazily reading a file from a url. Allows random access via http range requests.
tensorflow-text-nightlyPythonan hour agoTF.Text is a TensorFlow library of text related ops, modules, and subgraphs.
react-declarativeJavascript2 hours agoA React form builder which interacts with a JSON endpoint to generate nested 12-column grids with input fields and automatic state management in a declarative style. Endpoint is typed by TypeScript guards (IntelliSense available). This tool is based on ma
zation-react-toolkitJavascript2 hours agoToolkit to integrate the zation client in a react project with hooks.
@0xflair/react-openzeppelinJavascript2 hours agoReady-made React hooks on top of OpenZeppelin smart contracts. This library is built on top of amazing [wagmi](
zation-serviceJavascript3 hours agoAPI for Zation services
@alfresco/adf-process-servicesJavascript9 days agoAlfresco ADF process services
@modern-js/mwa-generatorJavascript9 days agoThe meta-framework suite designed from scratch for frontend-focused modern web development.
@freesewing/brianJavascripta month agoA FreeSewing pattern for a basic body block for menswear
rc-alignJavascript2 months agoalign ui component for react
rb-emojiJavascript5 years ago
rb-strawberryJavascript6 years agoa small list of function for adding and removing class , events etc.