npm package '@binary-owls/sdk-node'

Popularity: Low
Description: JavaScript helpers with TypeScript
Installation: npm install @binary-owls/sdk-node
Last version: 1.4.0 (Download)
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License: MIT


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Node SDK

Useful for any backend or frontend JavaScript or TypeScript project.


yarn add @binary-owls/sdk-node


Maintain: Unit Tests

First, it's easiest to use the Jetbrains Debugger to run individual unit tests.

But you can also test via CLI:

yarn test

Maintain: Try Locally

To locally develop the package, install Yalc:

yarn global add yalc

Then we can publish this package locally:

cd sdk-node
yalc publish

In the implementing project:

yalc add @binary-owls/sdk-node

Publish to NPM

# Log in to
npm login

# NOTE the built files is the main publication, not the TS source
yarn build

# 1. Edit version in package.json
# 2. Run publish
# NOTE: yarn publish has issues with auto-committing, and running `npm publish` as a yarn command also has issues, so we need to just run this raw:
npm publish --access public

# You will be prompted for the new semver.  
# Then if publication is successful, package.json will automatically have its `"version"` updated
git add --all
git commit


# Remove a specific package version
npm unpublish @binary-owls/sdk-node@0.1.0