npm package 'create-pantheon-decoupled-kit'

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Description: Pantheon Decoupled Kit CLI
Installation: npm install create-pantheon-decoupled-kit
Last version: 0.0.1-canary.0 (Download)
Size: 40.57 kB
License: GPL-3.0-or-later
Keywords: create-app, create-pantheon-app, create-pantheon, create-pantheon-decoupled-kit, npm init


Last modified: January 24, 2023 3:11 PM (5 days ago)
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Create Pantheon Decoupled Kit

Pantheon's command line interface for creating and adding on to new projects.

A node-plop based cli, heavily inspired by various create- apps including create-sitecore-jss, create-astro, and create-create-app.


To install this package locally, run the following commands from the root of the monorepo.

  # build the package
  pnpm build:cli
  # run the bin script
  node ./packages/create-pantheon-decoupled-kit/dist/bin.js
<!-- TODO: this is mostly verified but need to confirm check. npm definitely works. -->

Or, install the local package globally with npm Note: We are using npm here because pnpm does not support locally installed create- packages

  npm install --global ./packages/create-pantheon-decoupled-kit
  npx create-pantheon-decoupled-kit


Use the create command to initiate the cli with no arguments and follow the prompts in your terminal

  pnpm create pantheon-decoupled-kit

Or, pass in arguments up front to skip those prompts

  pnpm create pantheon-decoupled-kit --appName my-app --dir ./my-app-dir --framework nextjs

watch script

To run the watch script, ensure there is a watch.{ts,js} file at the root of this package. The watch file should export a named watchOptions object of type minimist.ParsedArgs. Positional arguments in the _ array will correspond to Generators to run. Named arguments correspond to answers to the Generator prompts. Generators will be run in the order they are given. Any number of generators may be run at a given time. See watch.example.ts for an example of watchOptions.

<!-- TODO: Link to the doc on for the create-app usage -->

API Reference

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Please see the Contributing guide in our monorepo to contribute to the project.

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