npm package 'piral-ext'

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Description: Set of standard plugins with component definitions for extending piral-core.
Installation: npm install piral-ext
Last version: 0.15.6 (Download)
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License: MIT
Keywords: piral, pilet-api, smapiot, portal, modules, api, plugin, plugin-collection, spa


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Piral Ext ·

This is a package that consists of a set of standard plugins. The package only has a peer dependency to piral-core.

What piral-ext brings to the table is a set of Pilet API extensions that is used by piral. The set includes things like a dashboard component aggregating tiles, menu and notifications, or a simple translation system.

Included Plugins

  • piral-dashboard: Dashboard presentation
  • piral-feeds: Data feed connectivity
  • piral-menu: Menu integration
  • piral-modals: Modal dialogs
  • piral-notifications: Notification support
  • piral-translate: Simple localization

For more details on the individual libraries please visit their own dedicated README.


For details on the provided API check out the documentation of the individual plugins at the Piral website or on GitHub.


Piral is released using the MIT license. For more information see the license file.