pypi package 'percy-appium-app'

Popularity: Low
Description: Python client for visual testing with Percy for mobile apps
Installation: pip install percy-appium-app
Last version: 0.0.6 (Download)
Size: 14.42 kB
License: MIT
Keywords: appium, percy, visual, testing


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Percy visual testing for Python Appium.


npm install @percy/cli:

$ npm install --save-dev @percy/cli

pip install Percy appium package:

$ pip install percy-appium-app


This is an example test using the percy_screenshot function.

from appium import webdriver
from percy import percy_screenshot

driver = webdriver.Remote("https://" + userName + ":" + accessKey + "", desired_caps)

# take a screenshot
percy_screenshot(driver, 'here is some name')

Running the test above normally will result in the following log:

[percy] Percy is not running, disabling screenshots

When running with percy app:exec, and your project's PERCY_TOKEN, a new Percy build will be created and screenshots will be uploaded to your project.

$ export PERCY_TOKEN=[your-project-token]
$ percy app:exec -- [python test command]
[percy] Percy has started!
[percy] Created build #1:[your-project]
[percy] Screenshot taken "Python example"
[percy] Stopping percy...
[percy] Finalized build #1:[your-project]
[percy] Done!


percy_screenshot(driver, name[, **kwargs])

  • driver (required) - A appium driver instance
  • name (required) - The screenshot name; must be unique to each screenshot
  • device_name (optional) - The device name used for capturing screenshot
  • orientation (optional) - Orientation of device while capturing screeenshot; Allowed values [portrait | landscape]
  • status_bar_height (optional) - Height of status bar; number
  • nav_bar_height (optional) - Height of navigation bar; number
  • full_screen (optional) - Indicate whether app is full screen; boolean

Migrating Config

If you have a previous Percy configuration file, migrate it to the newest version with the config:migrate command:

$ percy config:migrate