pypi package 'singer-sdk'

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Description: A framework for building Singer taps
Installation: pip install singer-sdk
Last version: 0.8.0 (Download)
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License: Apache 2.0
Keywords: meltano, meltano sdk, elt


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Meltano SDK for Taps and Targets

The Tap and Target SDKs are the fastest way to build custom data extractors and loaders! Taps and targets built on the SDK are automatically compliant with the Singer Spec, the de-facto open source standard for extract and load pipelines.

Future-proof extractors and loaders, with less code

On average, developers tell us that they write about 70% less code by using the SDK, which makes learning the SDK a great investment. Furthermore, as new features and capabilities are added to the SDK, your taps and targets can always take advantage of the latest capabilities and bug fixes, simply by updating your SDK dependency to the latest version.


Contributing back to the SDK

Making a new release of the SDK

  1. Trigger a version bump using the GitHub web UI or the cli:

    $ gh workflow run

    The increment: auto option will figure out the most appropriate bump based on commit history.

  2. Follow the checklist in the PR description.

  3. Publish a new release using the GitHub web UI.