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Description: A convenient color text printing tool
Installation: pip install ycolor
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made by Yourouchour<br> My English is not good,so the following content comes from my translation software.<br>


Ycolor is a conventional color text printing tool.<br>

How to use<br>

Ycolor 1.0.x uses four functions to print color text.<br>

from ycolor import *
printcolor('Hello, world',fore=Fore.RED,back=Back.WHITE)
printcolor_text('Hello, world',color='RED+WHITE')
printcolor_int('Hello, world',color='0xfe')

Historical version<br>

v1.0.1 Two functions are created to print color text.<br> v1.0.2 Some modules are hidden to make the display more concise.<br> v1.0.3 Added function printcolor_int.<br>