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Description: API to store and manage the data of your animation production
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Zou, the Kitsu API is the memory of your animation production

The Kitsu API allows to store and manage the data of your animation/VFX production. Through it you can link all the tools of your pipeline and make sure they are all synchronized.

A dedicated Python client, Gazu <>_, allows users to integrate Zou into the tools. 

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Zou can:

-  Store production data, such as projects, shots, assets, tasks, metadata files,
   and validations.
-  Track the progress of your artists
-  Store preview files and version them
-  Provide folder and file paths for any task
-  Import and Export data to CSV files
-  Publish an event stream of changes

Installation and documentation

Installation of Zou requires the setup of third-party tools such as a database instance, so it is recommended to the follow the documentation: <>__

Specification: <>__


Contributions are welcomed so long as the C4 contract <>__ is respected.

Zou is based on Python and the Flask <>__ framework.

You can use the pre-commit hook for Black (a python code formatter) before commiting:

.. code:: bash

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit install

Instructions for setting up a development environment are available in the documentation <>__


  • @aboellinger (Xilam/Spa)
  • @BigRoy (Colorbleed)
  • @EvanBldy (CGWire) - maintainer
  • @ex5 (Blender Studio)
  • @flablog (Les Fées Spéciales)
  • @frankrousseau (CGWire) - maintainer
  • @kaamaurice (Tchak)
  • @g-Lul (TNZPV)
  • @pilou (Freelancer)
  • @LedruRollin (Cube-Xilam)
  • @mathbou (Zag)
  • @manuelrais (TNZPV)
  • @NehmatH (CGWire)
  • @pcharmoille (Unit Image)
  • @Tilix4 (Normaal)

About authors

Kitsu is written by CGWire, a company based in France. We help animation and
VFX studios to collaborate better through efficient tooling. We already work
with more than 70 studios around the world.

Visit ` <>`__ for more information.

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