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Description: A Project Gating System
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Zuul is a project gating system.

The latest documentation for Zuul v3 is published at:

If you are looking for the Edge routing service named Zuul that is related to Netflix, it can be found here:

If you are looking for the Javascript testing tool named Zuul, it can be found here:

Getting Help

There are two Zuul-related mailing lists:

zuul-announce <>_ A low-traffic announcement-only list to which every Zuul operator or power-user should subscribe.

zuul-discuss <>_ General discussion about Zuul, including questions about how to use it, and future development.

You will also find Zuul developers on Matrix <>.


To browse the latest code, see: To clone the latest code, use git clone

Bugs are handled at:!/project/zuul/zuul

Suspected security vulnerabilities are most appreciated if first reported privately following any of the supported mechanisms described at

Code reviews are handled by gerrit at

After creating a Gerrit account, use git review to submit patches. Example::

# Do your commits
$ git review
# Enter your username if prompted

Join us on Matrix <>_ to discuss development or usage.


Zuul is free software. Most of Zuul is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. Some parts of Zuul are licensed under the General Public License, version 3.0. Please see the license headers at the tops of individual source files.

Python Version Support

Zuul requires Python 3. It does not support Python 2.

Since Zuul uses Ansible to drive CI jobs, Zuul can run tests anywhere Ansible can, including Python 2 environments.